YogaBurn is an estimated 12 weeks challenge workout for women that can be done in the comfort of your home, meaning that the burden of going to the gym is now lifted. Must buy Yoga Burn!!!!


Average Customer Rating:

“Great Workouts & Yoga Practices”


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

I have all the Yoga Burn programmes and love them. I like that the workouts are 15 minutes long and you can do as many rounds as you have the time and energy to spare. You can also mix and match the programmes and Zoe and the team have great calendars to send you. The Yoga Burn Monthly is different because each practice is roughly 30 minutes. I highly recommend the Yoga Burn programmes.

– Kay Clark, Montana, U.S.

“Yoga Burn – makes you feel good, inside out!”


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

I first started with the free yoga program, and since I liked it, I soon ordered the other ones. Like with everything else it takes a little bit time to get used to the instructions and the poses, but if one really listens carefully to the instructions you get a lot of help. It gets better and easier for each time you practice, like everything else knew that you learn.
The programs are short, effective and with precise instructions, and you can easily combine them if you want longer programs. These practices have helped me in so many ways, and I am looking forward to continue. I have done some of the programs two or three times, but every time I learn something new.
I can also say that Yoga Burn was very helpful when I by mistake signed up for a program that I had to pay for every month. Shortly after I had contacted them it was cancelled.
I have only had good experience with Yoga Burn, so five stars!

         – Cynthia Russell, Virginia, U.S.

“Highly effective workouts”

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

I don’t know about all the negative reviews. I ordered both the Total body and Trim Core Challenge and both came in time, both had the online access emailed to me immediately, and both came as promised. I used them religiously at first, and I’m going back to it (they really are effective if you have injuries and are unable to do some of the more traditional core workouts). In a few days of doing the Trim Core, but abdominal muscles are coming back. When I did the Total Body, it seemed to work all the smaller, oftentimes forgotten muscle groups I was missing when doing traditional strength training. And yes, I do sweat when I’m doing them!

– Catherine Lee, Calgary, Canada

What Is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a unique home workout course that is designed to help women lose weight, tone their muscles, and improve their flexibility. Specifically designed to be progressive and allow individuals to build up their strength and comfort with each pose naturally, it provides a 12-week system for women to follow.

By the end of the program, most individuals notice that they have lost weight, appear more toned, and have greater strength than when they started the program. You can get more detailed about this program on

It uses dynamic sequencing yoga and repetition of classes to help you build up your strength and slowly guide you through each phase of the program. Before you know it, you will be able to perform more intermediate yoga moves and will be taking advantage of your new, toned look.

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

The Yoga Burn program is all about dynamic sequencing since it involves three phases of yoga workouts. Beginners can start with the easiest level and move to the next as they gain confidence.

Moreover, with dynamic sequencing, you will learn how to do every movement as you adapt to a more challenging move. With this, your body will get used to the routine.

With continuous yoga workouts, you will have an outlined feminine body that will make you look and feel better. The three phases comprise videos that will guide you through a series of yoga moves resulting in a leaner physique and increased endurance.

You can perform these yoga moves at anytime and anywhere. Each of the videos lasts for 45 minutes, and you need to complete three videos of 45 minutes in one week. After that, you can move to the bonus video, which focuses on improving your mental state and re-charges your motivation.

Stages Of Yoga Burn Program (Dynamic Sequencing)

Zoe has developed & divided Yoga Burn in 3 basic stages, so anyone with no prior experience can learn & also do the best. You learn and lose weight through these 3 stages. The combination of these three stages is known as a Dynamic Sequencing.

● 1st Stage: Foundational Flow

For building a strong and long-lasting construction a solid foundation is the basic requirement. The same is applied to building a strong and healthy body. If you want to lose weight, then it must be achieved healthily. For this you need a strong basic foundation of a healthy body. And as per the name of this first stage of Dynamic Sequencing of Yoga Burn, this stage is all about building a solid foundation of flexibility, strength & fitness.

● 2nd Stage: Transitional Flow

After getting the basic idea and learning more about strength, the second phase comes in Yoga Burn that is called Transition Flow. In this stage, you will learn to combine the poses you learned in the first phase in a smooth, effortless and dynamic sequence. From this stage your actual weight loss journey starts. This stage is designed in a way that performing the yoga exercises as per the Transition Flow guides you; you will burn more and more calories. This stage also strengthens the heart health.

● 3rd Stage: Mastery Flow

This is a more of an advance phase of Dynamic Sequencing. This is a difficult stage from the previous two. In this stage you burn more calories and lose more weight. And as per the name suggests you learn to master the yoga. And if you master the yoga then you will not need any other kind of exercises for your health ever in your life. Just do yoga you learnt from the Yoga Burn and nothing.

Either YogaBurn Works For You

Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It.

The Yoga Burn program comes with a 100% money back guarantee for 60 full days. If you by any chance feel that, you have not achieved the results as per your desire from Yoga Burn, then you can get full refund. You just have to call them on their toll free number or Email them through and ask them for refund.

What's In The Package

We like how Yoga Burn is delivered as both a digital download (for phones, computers and tablets) and physical DVDs. Many products we review are only available as one or the other, so this is a bonus. When you buy the program, you get instant digital access so you can start right away. The Yoga Burn DVD set is sent shortly after.

Aside from the main yoga program, you also get a generous set of free bonuses to help you on your body transformation journey. Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s included:

Yoga Burn 12-Week Body Shaping Course (Online Digital Download & Physical DVDs) – this includes all three phases for participants, a quick-start class and 20 in-depth pose tutorials. There are 9 workout videos in total and you’ll repeat each four times before moving onto the next phase.

☛ BONUS: Basic audio versions of each class to use while travelling.

☛ BONUS: Tranquillity flow class – a unique set of sequences for stress relief. While tranquillity flow isn’t going to burn many calories, it’s a great way to relax.

☛ BONUS: Immersion Community – a unique fitness community for women only. It provides access to coaching calls, a community for talking to other women and ongoing support throughout your journey.

☛ BONUS: Yoga Burn Monthly – an additional set of DVDs that serve as an introduction to a variety of different types of yoga. These include Ashtanga, Hatha, Jundalini, Vinyasa and restorative yoga

(Optional) There’s also the option of purchasing a second copy of the course for a discount. This is great if you want to follow the program at the same time as a friend.

Considering the current price of the Yoga Burn system is just $37, we think you get a lot for your money. The workout videos are also high-quality and Zoe is a great instructor.


Benefits Of Yoga Burn

There are plenty of other yoga programs are available in the market but I can say that no one comes in the comparison of Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn.

It has a plenty of health benefits and numerous reasons why you should join this program. Some of the benefits of Yoga Burn have been mentioned on Like:

✔ Challenging: The biggest benefit of yoga burn is that the program constantly challenges you to improve yourself with providing you with more advanced and a hard workout from your previous one. This program is not open to all programs but it is specifically designed for women only. So you get the maximum benefits from the program.

✔ Weight Loss: The program helps you in weight loss. It helps you in burning more & more calories as you get more comfortable with the exercises.

✔ Beginner Friendly: One of the biggest benefits is that the Yoga Burn is designed in a way to help a person, who has never done any yoga or exercise. Even a newbie can join this program and easily learn the Yoga Technique for a healthy and slim body.

✔ Improves Strength, Balance and Flexibility: While doing yoga burn poses your slow body movements and deep breathing increases blood flow in blood vessels. This process warm up your muscles and holding a pose increases strength building.

✔ Back Pain relief: If you are going through back pain for long time then Yoga Burn can be a beneficial for you. It helps you in learning basics of body stretching for easing pain. It also helps in improving mobility in people with lower back pain. It has been recommended by The American College of Physicians to do yoga as a first-line treatment for chronic low back pain.

✔ Improve Heart Health: Regular practice of Yoga Burn poses helps you in reducing stress level and inflammation from your body. This improves heart health. The main reasons for the bad heart health are high blood pressure and excess weight. These both can be tackled by doing Yoga.

✔ Better Sleep: Regular yoga practice helps you in releasing negative energy and toxic thoughts and cleaning & calming your mind. Apart from this, constant yoga practice helps you in preparing your mind for peaceful rest. Thus your sleeping improves with Yoga Burn yoga workout.

✔ Community Support: With Yoga Burn, you get an access the likeminded people’s community. All women in this community are on the same ship as you are. You get ideas and clear your doubts from the community. You can even share your little achievements with community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is Yoga Burn Intended For?

The Yoga Burn system is intended for any individual that wants to lose weight, tone muscle, and build up their flexibility without spending long hours in the gym and needing to use workout equipment or weights. It is intended to revitalize your home workouts and can easily fit into your daily schedule, so you don’t need to stick to any strict routine and try to work going to a gym into your day. Instead, decide when you want to follow along with the videos and get to work whenever you are ready.

2. Can You Do Yoga Burn While Pregnant?

Yes, it is possible for you to follow the Yoga Burn system while pregnant. Each video in all of the phases of the program comes with a list of modifications, so you can easily undertake the workouts during all stages of pregnancy. Additionally, Yoga Burn may help you get back into shape and start regaining your flexibility after having your baby, as all of the workouts can be done at your pace from the comfort of your home.

3. What If I Find Workouts Heavy?

It Is A Program Designed In A Way To Suit All Kinds Of Women From Beginner To Advance. Dynamic Sequencing Will Help You In Getting Comfortable With Each Pose.

4. Is Yoga Burn Different From Yoga Classes?

Yoga Burn Is Way Different From Crowded & Over Priced Yoga Classes. Yoga Burn Is Specially Designed Only For Women To Help Them In Weight Loss & Body

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